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Waterlase Dentistry

Waterlase Dentistry in Columbus, Ohio - Mark D. Raisch, DDS

No shots, no numbing, no drilling

Waterlase® is an advanced technology that uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to safely, gently and precisely remove dental decay and perform most procedures without pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia.

Dr. Raisch is skilled in the use of this amazing and precise technology so you get gentle, pain-free dental work that leaves your teeth and gums healthy and far less traumatized.

Kids love it, and you will too! No drills, no shots, no numbness.

As featured on "The Doctors"
T.V. Show

To see the Waterlase in action, watch this video clip from the television series, "The Doctors". In this video, an eight-year-old boy has a cavity prepared and filled in under five minutes on live television, all with no pain and no numbing. You can see the dentist using the Waterlase, and explaining how it works and why it is so gentle, beneficial and effective.

Your next visit to the dentist can be a painless one!

For more information about Waterlase laser dentistry technology, please call our office at 614-267-5413 or click here to schedule an appointment online..