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Full mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration in Columbus, Oio - Mark D. Raisch, DDSWith more than 22 years of experience, and extensive training in the latest dental technology, Dr. Raisch is especially able to cater to adults with complex dental problems. Using the latest developments in dental technology, he will help you to determine a treatment plan which focuses on helping you to keep your teeth and maintain good oral health.

Dr. Raisch applies skill and artistry, and the latest advances in dental care to quickly accomplish your restoration. From digital imaging that lets you see what your work will look like before it is done, to gentle and precise laser dentistry, and one-visit placement of beautiful life-like porcelain teeth replacements and fillings, you get the full benefit of Dr. Raisch's knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Raisch offers many options for the rehabilitation of your smile, including the replacement of missing teeth and the restoration of debilitated or broken-down teeth.

These options include:

A beautiful smile and much more

A full mouth restoration rebuilds your entire mouth and addresses all your dental needs in a planned series of treatments. It includes many of the same procedures as cosmetic dentistry, but it goes much deeper, correcting more extensive damage and wear. It may include reshaping many teeth, correcting misalignment, restoring worn or missing teeth, and replacing old fillings and crowns.

Fast, safe and gentle procedures

You may need treatments for severe gum disease or other dental health disorders as a starting point, but once any health issues are cared for, it is entirely possible that you will need only one or two visits to complete your entire restoration. Thanks to Dr. Raisch's extensive experience with advanced CEREC technology, new crowns, inlays and onlays can be crafted for you in our office and placed in a single day.

Patient Testimonial

Matt Penfound"After almost 10 years as a patient of Dr. Raisch, I can recommend his office without hesitation. Even an advanced procedure like an onlay was easily done in one visit with the CEREC machine.

"I trust Dr. Raisch's knowledge and experience and look forward to being a patient of his for life."



Situations Dr. Raisch can address

You might be in need of a Full Mouth Restoration if you have some variation of any of the following:

  • Your jaw is misaligned so you have problems chewing or speaking.
  • You have severely stained or discolored teeth because of decay or old, dark colored fillings.
  • Your teeth are severely worn or flat.
  • You have extensive dental decay.
  • Your nose-to-chin distance is too short and decreasing.
  • You have many missing teeth along with other failing dental work.
  • You have extensive dental damage due to injury or trauma.
  • You have correctable congenital defects.

Look better and feel better

Full Mouth Restoration has helped many people improve the quality of their lives, with many long-term health benefits:

  • Complete relief from dental pain and recovery from injuries or damage.
  • Improved oral health and prevention of further dental decay and damage.
  • The ability to chew normally and enjoy favorite foods, which promotes improved nutrition and overall health.

You look better, you feel better, and you have taken effective steps to preserve your dental health for years to come.