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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Columbus, Ohio - Mark D. Raisch, DDS

Smile! You are in friendly, experienced hands with Dr. Raisch.

Gentle, friendly dentistry is our specialty and we count your family as part of ours from childhood, through the teens, and into the adult and senior years.

We treat all members of the family, from grandparents to the little ones! We have patients from six months old to 87 years old and families that have been coming to us for dental services for many, many years.

Dr. Raisch is very gentle and goes out of his way to use techniques that are very comfortable for you, while reducing the amount of anesthetic used and speeding recovery time. For many procedures you won't need shots or numbing at all.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Raisch for you or a family member today! Call 614-267-5413 or click here to schedule an appointment online.

General and preventive care

General & Preventive Dental Care in Columbus, Ohio - Mark D. Raisch, DDS

Routine dental care and examinations are very important for children and adults. For children, handling signs of early tooth decay can help their adult teeth develop properly and avoid the need for costly dental procedures later. For adults, gum disease can sneak up on you. Left unchecked, gum disease weakens teeth, causes bone loss and reduces your overall health.

It pays to preserve your natural teeth, and keep them in good repair. Modern oral hygiene and dental care procedures can extend the health and life of your natural teeth well into your senior years, saving you many problems later on.

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Letter from a parent

Letter from a parent

Our family has been under the care of Dr. Raisch for some 20 years. He has faithfully served our family through the best and worst of 'dental' times.

Here is a brief list of just a few of the services he has provided our family over the years: all cleanings, all fillings (almost none for my children who accepted his guidance; the updated fillings were mostly for mom and a few for dad); when my youngest daughter dove into the swimming pool and chipped her permanent front tooth, Dr. Raisch did the repairs (and it still looks great).

We have found both he and his staff to be accessible and kind. If we didn't understand a billing process, they walked us through it. If we didn't understand the need for a procedure, they walked us through it.

Dr. Raisch is progressive with his technique, always using the latest technology and procedures.

I thank my lucky stars that my insurance has followed him. Where would we find another Dr. Raisch?


Services for kids and teens

Dental services for kids and teens

Your children are welcome at Dr. Raisch's office, whether it's baby's first visit, or a teenager in need of braces. As a father himself, Dr. Raisch is great with kids and making them feel at ease.

Dr. Raisch is calm and gentle, and very patient about explaining things and showing children what he's doing. He also uses advanced dental technologies that make dental work as painless, comfortable and safe as possible.

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Convenient scheduling

Convenient scheduling

We know that you are busy and we do our best to schedule your appointment at a time that is most convenient to you. When possible, and practical, we can schedule your family's appointments together so you can all come in on the same day.

We use advanced dental technology to minimize the number of visits and the amount of time you have to spend in the dental chair. Many dental procedures that would normally take two to three visits, can be done in a single trip. We can often complete several procedures in a single visit.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Raisch for you or a family member today! Call 614-267-5413 or click here to schedule an appointment online.