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Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful Smile Makeovers for You

Cosmetic Dentistry, Beautiful Smile Makeovers - Mark D. Raisch in Columbus, Ohio

Cosmetic dentistry requires skill, experience and artistry, with meticulous attention to detail to achieve a beautiful and natural result for your smile. With 22 years of experience, Dr. Raisch knows how to exactly craft the perfect smile for your face.

Your cosmetic make-over begins with a series of digital photos and measurements. Dr. Raisch images not just your teeth and jaw, but your facial structure, lips, and cheeks. He uses those exact measurements to help him design a perfectly proportioned smile that enhances your bone structure, the shape of your face, and your lip contours.

Digital previews ensure that you will like your results

Using cosmetic imaging software, Dr. Raisch creates a series of digital smile previews with your own photos so you can see how your smile will look before you commit to any cosmetic dental work. He carefully explains all of your options to you, and outlines the cost and length of treatment involved.

If you have wondered how you would look with straighter, white or longer teeth, with porcelain veneers or with new crowns, with chipped teeth repaired or crowding ended, this is your opportunity to find out. You can look at your new smile before you decide on your course of cosmetic treatment.


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Let Dr. Raisch show you all of the options for your new smile!




Patient Testimonial

"Where would we find another Dr. Raisch?"

Trudy Rammond"Our family has been under the care of Dr. Raisch for some 20 years. He has faithfully served our family through the best and worst of "dental" times.

"All three daughters had braces prior to Dr. Raisch providing that service, but during the teen years when another daughter found that she truly didn't like the results of her orthodontic work and consequently lost her smile, he made the corrections - again, and again until she was pleased.

"When I had a bicycle accident-among the many procedures and ongoing care I received related to that accident-he performed all the root canals on all the teeth in the front of my mouth. They did not discolor and remain amazingly white.

"He is progressive with his technique, always using the latest technology and procedures. The onlay process is still one that amazes and pleases me - throwing a cube of porcelain into a machine and having it returned to the exact dimensions of the needy tooth is pretty close to amazing. I love the process and they look much better than a crown.

"I thank my lucky stars that my insurance has followed him. Where would we find another Dr. Raisch? "


Cosmetic Dentistry from Dr. Raisch

Rapid, certain cosmetic results

Because Dr. Raisch stays on the cutting edge of technology, equipping his office with technologies that help provide quality work and a gentle experience, you can be certain that your treatment will be fast, gentle and effective. You can read more about his high-tech here.

Today, there are many options available to change a smile, and some of procedures can produce dramatic changes for a relatively low cost.

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Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers are life-like, ultra-thin veneers that are placed right over your natural teeth, with no shots and two easy dental visits. They are also reversible, because your natural teeth do not have to be altered to work with Lumineers. Dr. Raisch is a trained Lumineers dentist and has many years of experience with this procedure.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are very life-like facings that are custom made and fitted over your natural teeth with a permanent bond. Dr. Raisch has many years of experience in their application, and is skilled in shaping and coloring them so they look completely natural.

One-Visit Porcelain Crowns

Add strength and beauty to your smile with beautiful, natural-looking crowns. They cover damaged teeth, or teeth weakened by root canal therapy or multiple fillings, and bring your smile back to life.

Natural-looking Onlays and Inlays

Porcelain onlays go over a tooth to cover chipped or broken teeth or fill in gaps.

Tooth-colored inlays go inside the tooth and are used to replace old discolored fillings or to fill very large cavities.

Onlays and inlays are a less extreme restoration than a crown and require little tooth reduction. Most of the time they can also be made and placed in a single visit.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a simple and affordable procedure that attaches tooth-colored materials to your teeth to close gaps and repair chips and cracks.

With dental bonding, the flaws in your teeth are covered with a tooth-colored composite resin that is very natural looking. Dr. Raisch colors and shapes this porcelain-like material to match your natural teeth.


Dr. Raisch uses an advanced system called the KöR to safely whiten teeth an average of 8 shades in a single appointment. It is fast and convenient, long lasting, safe and comfortable and has much less fade-back than other whitening options.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Having beautiful, straight teeth used to mean wearing ugly and uncomfortable braces. With Invisalign technology, ugly braces are a thing of the past.

Your teeth are gently moved into their ideal position through a series of removable and nearly invisible braces that are custom-made to fit you perfectly.

Best of all, you can smile while you are wearing them!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing or destroyed teeth. They feel and look like your natural teeth.

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